How To Prevent Tooth Decay In Children

Do your child’s teeth change color, such as white or yellowish spots on teeth? Be careful, it could be a sign your child will have dental problems. Dental problems are often experienced by children. Her habit of liking sweet and unaccustomed foods regularly brushing your teeth can be the cause of tooth decay in many children. You also need to visit Dentist Ft Worth TX and get the best treatment.

Child dental care should be started before the first tooth appears. Although the tooth has not been seen, it does not mean your child’s teeth do not yet exist. Actually, teeth have already begun to form in the second trimester of pregnancy. At birth, your baby will have 20 primary teeth, which are still fully developed in the jaw.

Familiarize the child to always brush his teeth twice a day on a regular basis, ie after breakfast and before bed. And do not forget to always watch your child when brushing your teeth yourself, especially in those aged less than 6 years. Limit children to eat sweet foods because it can erode enamel and cause cavities.

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