Tips on Maintaining Air Conditioning System

The AC fan and compressor parts become one of the gathering places for dust. Finally, this section has a very thick dust. You can actually clean this part yourself, but it must be done carefully. First, you have to use a blower to suck dust and blow dust on the inside of the fan. Then after that wipe with a slightly wet cloth. Leave a little dry then re-attach the screws tightly. If you want to make the AC maintenance job easier, call aircon singapore contractor; the one you can trust!

Here is another important thing to know! AC motors have a very important role when the AC engine works. You may often hear air conditioning that sounds very loud and uncomfortable. This can happen because the AC motor is already damaged and must be replaced with a new one. The air conditioner that emits a very loud noise can be an indication of a problem with some AC components including the motorbike. If it’s like this then you have to call the AC service so that it can replace it with a new motorbike.