Things you must prepare for a job interview

Make your CV or Curriculum Vitae as honest as possible. If you’ve worked in a bakery for four years or a two-year-old construction worker, just write it down. Should also not exaggerate. In addition to being honest, make the CV as short as possible. Apart from that, visit if you want to find a job online.

At least yes, three pages is enough. Clearly, it already contains your personal identity and experience in the world of work. If it does not have work experience, you can highlight words that can illustrate the spirit of not knowing surrender and want to continue to grow.

Prepare everything before the interview

Job interview stage is a scourge in the selection of work, let alone fresh graduate. Many job applicants fail when going through the job interview stage. If you want to get a job you need to find information about the company’s recent background.

Understand the motto, vision-mission, and explanation of the position you want to shoot. As much as possible you provide answers smoothly.