The right tips before you’re buying a smartphone

Smartphones have become the must-have possessions of today’s people. In addition to the need to consume information quickly, factor the number of new smartphone options with various shortcomings and advantages, making a lot of people move from feature phone to smartphone. From it sometimes arises a sense of worry to drop the option before buying a smartphone. Apart from that, you might also need to check out the trusted store to buy mobile phones online.

Here are some tips that can help choose the right smartphone as needed, your budget and your character:

Choosing the right operating system

For iOS, it uses a quality mobile operating system, ranging from tight privacy controls, simple, elegant and stylish models. However, the disadvantage of this operating system is the choice of devices that are limited to the iPhone, and for many people, the price of the iPhone tends to be more expensive.

Meanwhile, Android has an operating system used by various smartphone brands from world-class vendors offering different price ranges. In addition, Android presents a variety of interesting free applications and data delivery easier. Android also has shortcomings in the security settings of the operating system and also the application permissions settings.

In accordance with the storage capacity

To choose a good smartphone must be supported by the storage capacity. There are 3 aspects that must be considered that is an Internal memory, RAM, and a slot for MicroSD. If you plan to store lots of apps and data, choose a smartphone with an internal memory of more than 8 GB and a microSD slot. It also deals with the speed of the smartphone device process, so a smartphone that has high RAM can be more considered.


The screen display is an important thing to watch out for. Factor size, resolution and pixel density of the screen should also be considered. The larger the number of pixels it has, the screen will look sharp, clean and comfortable in the eye. If you love to play games and want to have a good image view, choose a smartphone that has a large screen and resolution with a resolution above 1280 x 720 pixels.

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